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Q: How do I use Gspy with cameras that do not support 640x480?
A: Support for smaller format cameras has not been put into the source yet, as there are glade interface issues relating to all the changes required in screen formating. One user (Phil )has successfully changed his version of gspy to support a smaller format camera. Here is what he did...

Q: How do I change the input device? or I have a Hauppauge WinTV PCI card and want to specify the composite1 input for the camera.
A: In line 198 of callbacks.c, change the IN_DEFAULT to IN_COMPOSITE.
image = get_image(dev,640,480,IN_DEFAULT,NORM_NTSC,VIDEO_PALETTE_RGB24,&size);
These defines are specific to the video for linux device driver you are using. You may have to search through the driver source if you are using different drivers.

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