A Car Thief Down Under...a users story


James Robertson from the land of oz wrote me with an interesting gspy story... 

I looked out my bedroom window whilst checking up on the machine running gspy, and noticed the police looking at a car ( a dark grey Holden ) that had been there the previous evening.. I walked out the front door to go to work, and they asked if I knew how long it had been there. I didnt know, but pointed to the CCTV camera pointed out onto the street, checked the images, and found the captured frames of the car, which was stolen, being (badly) parked out the front. The police took my details, and called back to say that the white ford in the background was stolen as well. So strangely enough, I ended up with 2 police officers in my bedroom, looking at webcam pics on one of my linux box's... this car thief cannot park! Unfortunatly, the angle obscures the person's face. Strange start to the morning though.
Motion detection was done using Gspy, and a Panasonic CCTV camera, and a bt848 based capture card.

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